Tree Trimming
Lynchburg VA

ornamental cherry tree trimmed

Choosing the right tree trimming service in Lynchburg VA?

Tree Trimming in Lynchburg VA begins with a team of pros who have the knowledge of what to trim and what not to trim.  Tree trimming is key for several reasons. 

1. Safety: Trimming branches that are large and overhanging your home or property is a matter of safety and should be done with regularity. Don’t risk the integrity of your roof and gutters with a branch that could snap under the weight of ice or from the force of the wind. 

2. Encouraging Structured Growth: Have your ever seen a perfectly manicured tree that reaches for the sky. Maybe it has straight branches, perfect leaves, and not a bit of decay in sight. That doesn’t happen by accident. The ornamental cherry tree in the image above had  branches hanging to the ground before it was properly trimmed. It looked like a giant bush, had breaking branches, and drooped. After a strategic trimming, the tree now reaches to the sky and its owners can set a chair underneath and enjoy its shade. 

3. Productivity: Trees will actually get bigger with proper trimming. If you trim the undergrowth and branches that are susceptible to disease and rot, it will allow the tree to pour more of the its nutrient, water, and sunlight resources into the most beautiful and strongest growing branches. In turn, insects, fungi, and other tree disease will have much more trouble taking hold. If all of the strongest branches of the tree are healthy, they will not become diseased. However, if weak branches get infected and go untreated for a prolonged period of time, it can then affect the body the tree and spread to the remaining branches. At this point, it’s too. 

tree trimming lynchburg va

3. Tree Health and Longevity: Its no secret that Tree Trimming is a key component to making your property look both healthy and beautiful. Without regular tree trimming, your yard will begin to look unruly. Trees look their best when the sunlight can pass through some of the branches and they are not menacing with overhang.  If you want to show your neighbors and family a truly beautiful property regular tree maintenance will make a huge impact. 

Why You Should Choose our Lynchburg Tree Trimming Pros 

1. Experience: Our teams have had decades of experience perfecting tree removal in Lynchburg VA. We know the land, we know the terrain, and we know the value of having healthy and beautiful trees on your property. We know that no tree or job site is the same, and we take that into consideration before every job. We listen to our customers and understand their needs and concerns before we ever pick up a tool. Our Tree Service Pros have the experience to know that our customers needs come first. 

2. Licensed and Insured: Our Lynchburg VA Tree Removal Pros hold insurance in the rare case that we hurt ourselves or your property. be very careful when selecting a tree service provider. Did you know what tree service is the second most dangerous job next to crab fishing? We know it, which is why we maintain our licensing and insurance. If you don’t choose to go with our team for your tree removal needs, make sure that you do not compromise on making sure that they are properly licensed and insured. 

3. Free, Honest, and Affordable Estimates: We know that having tree work done can be somewhat stressful, especially if you are entrusting one of your prized fruit trees in our care, or even if you have a downed tree in your yard. Let us take away some of that stress by giving you the piece of mind that our quotes are free and are of zero obligation. We know our jobs well, and will always give you a fair and honest price that works for you. You have enough headaches, especially if you need a tree removed, worry about getting ripped off shouldn’t be one of them. 

Fruit Trees pruning and trimming

fruit tree pruning

Did you know that by trimming and pruning your fruit trees, you can yield more fruit year after year? Pruning ensures that your fruit trees grow upward, constantly reaching for the sun. Lynchburg VA Tree Trimming  knows exactly how to prune your trees to encourage productive growth and to eliminate non-productive growth. Remember that you want your fruit trees to work on the most productive branches. Those shoots that do not produce or grow in an unproductive direction, such as downwards or cross-branch need to be removed.  We can help you with all your needs

Check out Purdue University’s additional resources on Tree Pruning Essentials here.