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four things to know about tree cabling in Lynchburg VA

If you’re thinking about cabling or bracing one or more of the trees on your property, that is excellent. It shows preventative thought that will keep you from having to respond to a tree removal emergency in the future. 

Tree cabling and bracing are great options to prolong the life and stability of your most beautiful growth. Cabling and bracing are the processes by which hardware is used to maximize the structural stability of your arbors when you recognize risk in particular growth patters. Many homeowners choose to have the their trees trimmed or removed altogether, but if you have a large or particularly beautiful tree that you want to preserve for years to come, this may be the right option for you.

1. Helps prevent V failures

There is a particular V crotch growth pattern where two very large legs of a tree divert. The size, weight, and length of the two growths become strained. Over time, the wind, ice and sheer weight of the branches act like two kids pulling on a wish bone. At some point, one of the branches will break to relieve the stress at the joint. Sometimes a simple tree trimming is in order. However if the structure of the tree is such that trimming of a major branch would ruin the aesthetic, cabling is an option. 

2. Cabling and bracing provides balance

Trees, by and large, grow balanced naturally without human intervention. If a major component of a tree is lost due to storm damage or from disease, the tree can become off balance. An off balance tree will often result in premature death as it will be more susceptible to damage. Cabling and bracing, in a scenario like this, can be part of the solution. Just like putting a turnbuckle on a fence door, a cable that is strategically placed can rebalance the tree by evenly distributing the weight toward the part that was removed or damaged. 

3. Cabling and bracing as a preventative measure

Although there are some branches with a V crotch that will obviously need support in the future, the technique can be offered as a preventative measure. If there are branches that, if broken would come in contact with your home, fence, or driveway, a preemptive cabling technique can be employed to give the branches extra stability and limit the likelihood of failure during a storm, even if the branch or tree is currently healthy. 

4. Cabling and bracing considerations

This technique requires annual inspection for soundness of hardware. Any tree service company will tell you that. But you can also rely on us to discuss the pro and cons of cabling and bracing with you before the job begins. The work itself is more expensive than simple tree trimming, and annual inspections are also a cost adder, so it is important to make an good and informed decision. Some trees are too weak and frail to support the cabling tensions and can end up doing more damage than good. 

Give the Pros at Tree Service Lynchburg VA a call for a consultation. We will give you our honest and expert opinion. Cabling and Bracing cannot be done with simple hardware store supplies and a DYI attitude. You need to have the detailed knowledge to assess a tree’s health first, before being able to make a decision. Not only that, working with metal components that are wound with tension can be a risky endeavor, especially in large trees where you would be working from high elevations. 

 For more resources on tree cabling and bracing, check out this article from The University of Tennessee