Stump Grinding
Lynchburg VA

Stump Grinding Lynchburg VA

Our Lynchburg VA Tree Service Pros provide services for full tree stump grinding and stump removal in Lynchburg VA and surrounding areas.  

Stump grinding and removal are two different things. Let’s explore the difference between the two. 

Stump Grinding Lynchburg VA

Stump grinding is by far the most common process for eliminating unsightly and sometimes dangerous stumps. Stump grinding is important for two primary reasons. First, is safety. Once we take down a tree for you, it is often advantageous to remove the stump as a tripping hazards. If you’re clearing a forested area and cutting in a driveway, the same is true, as you would not want to risk driving over stumps in your vehicle. The second reason is for beauty. If we fell a tree in your front yard, who would want to look at a stump for the next ten years. 

When our teams remove your trees, we will always ask if you want the stump ground down. Some owners choose to do so for the reasons discussed above, however some choose to leave the stump. The primary reason for a leaving a stump is cost. Stump grinding adds a bit to the cost of your tree removal service. So if the stump is out of the way, in your back yard, or appears on the woods line of your home, that would be a totally legitimate reason to leave it in tact.

The final reason in favor of stump grinding is that rotting stumps attract pests such as carpenter ants and termites when left above grade. Over time, these pests as well as other tree disease can spread to your other arbors and even your home. 

Stump grinders operate very simply, but are heavy duty pieces of equipment. A rotating blade spins at incredible RPMs, and completely eviscerates the stump to well below grade. Your’re left with a pile of wood chips and a divot that can simply be filled with topsoil and planted with grass seed. The wood chips are mulch quality and can be used to beautify other parts of your yard.   

Stump Removal Lynchburg VA

Full stump removal is a much more rare service desired by customers, primarily due to the cost. The average cost of a full stump removal, roots and all, is about 4 times as much as a standard stump grinding process. This is because the equipment and time required is much more intensive. There are some reasons that homeowners choose this service. 

The primary reason for full stump removal Lynchburg VA is that you desire to use the land for underground features. For example, if you are building a new home and need space for the septic tank and septic field. Another reason would be that you’re looking to start a large vegetable garden in the newly opened space. If you don’t remove the roots, these two scenarios become very difficult. Although it’s typically not necessary, a full stump removal is in the cards if you choose. 

If you opt for stump grinding, the visible portion of the tree will be completely taken care of. The old tree’s roots, however, will remain underground and extent 4,8, or 12 feet beyond where the tree once stood. The roots will rot and decay over time, however it is a long process and sometimes, a homeowner needs to have the roots gone quickly. If you’re unsure whether stump grinding or stump removal is a better option, give one of our arborists a call to discuss your options. 

Lynchburg VA Tree Service has the equipment and know-how to get the job done exactly how you want it done.  

Check out additional stump removal resources from the University of Illinois.