24/7 Emergency Tree Service

24/7 Emergency Tree Service Lynchburg VA

24/7 Emergency Tree Service Lynchburg VA

A tree emergency in Lynchburg VA can happen when you least expect it. The Tree Service Lynchburg Team has you covered. We have open lines 24/7 and can respond to any emergency, even if it’s in the middle of the night (for some reason that’s when emergencies tend to happen). 

The weather in Lynchburg can strike when you least expect it, causing damage to large tree limbs or entire trees altogether. The winter of 2021 was marked by several ice storms instead of snow, which resulted in the downing of thousands of large trees in Lynchburg and the surrounding areas. 

Our tree removal Lynchburg VA pros have the equipment and knowledge to help you navigate the issue and get it cleared up in no time. Never hesitate to call. 

It should be mentioned that some of these tree emergencies can be avoided by taking proper care of your trees when they are not in a state of disrepair. Regular tree trimming and tree removal for branches or other arbors that are at risk can not only save many of your trees and extend their lifespan, but will ensure that they are strong enough to weather all storms that roll through the area.  

Although our tree service experts are not licensed insurance agents, we have dealt with tree emergencies in Lynchburg VA long enough to know how to point you in the right direction, and which type of photos should be taken that document the scene and extent of damage prior to our equipment touching your property. 

We look forward to hearing from you for all your general tree service needs and hope that we don’t need to you help you with an emergency. However, we are always ready to respond in the event of the unexpected.  

Why You Should Choose Lynchburg va Tree Service Pros 

1. Experience: Our teams have had decades of experience perfecting tree removal Lynchburg VA. We know the land, we know the terrain, and we know the value of having healthy and beautiful trees on your property. We know that no tree or job site is the same, and we take that into consideration before every job. We listen to our customers and understand their needs and concerns before we ever pick up a tool. Our Tree Service Pros have the experience to know that our customers needs come first. 

2. Licensed and Insured: Our Tree Removal Lynchburg VA Pros hold insurance in the rare case that we hurt ourselves or your property. be very careful when selecting a tree service provider. Did you know what tree service is the second most dangerous job next to crab fishing? We know it, which is why we maintain our licensing and insurance. If you don’t choose to go with our team for your tree removal Lynchburg VA needs, make sure that you do not compromise on making sure that they are properly licensed and insured. 

3. Free, Honest, and Affordable Estimates: We know that having tree work done can be somewhat stressful, especially if you are entrusting one of your prized fruit trees in our care, or even if you have a downed tree in your yard. Let us take away some of that stress by giving you the piece of mind that our quotes are free and are of zero obligation. We know our jobs well, and will always give you a fair and honest price that works for you. You have enough headaches, especially if you need a tree removed, worry about getting ripped off shouldn’t be one of them.