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Tree Service Pros specialize in tree removal in Lynchburg VA. Our pros have the experience and know how to handle the toughest jobs safely. 

Properly pruned trees will not only ensure the long term health of your trees, but will also maximize you home’s curb appeal. Our pros know what and where to trim to maximize tree health while maintaining beauty. 

Our stump grinding equipment grind stumps well below grade where they can decompose and become part of your soil. If you have a pesky stump you want gone, we have you covered. 

We know that all tree removals in Lynchburg can’t be planned. For an emergency, you can call us anytime to get you out of a jam.

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Tree Service Lynchburg VA

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Tree Removal

Our Lynchburg VA Tree Service Pros know that our area is mix a of suburban, urban, and rural tree removal jobs, all of which can present unique challenges. Trees in neighborhoods often are surrounded by other valuable plantings and homes. Trees in urban areas often have the risk of coming in contact with power lines or other overhead hazards, including other builds sandwiched close together. Rural jobs, while offering more space to work, usually involve trees that are enormous and may be surrounded by other valuable arbors. 

No matter how complex or how big of a job your have,  Lynchburg VA Tree Service Pros have you covered. Our highly trained team has years of experience working in tight quarters and protecting what matters to you most.  The use of specialized equipment is determined by your landscape, branch structure, and the sturdiness of your trees. Proper tree removal includes: safely lowering branches, chipping all brush, removing wood and cleaning up all debris. If your stump needs to be ground, we will provide that service to you as well. 

Tree Trimming

Lynchburg VA Tree Trimming Pros can handle any job big or small. Tree trimming is on the smaller scale, however an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you want to have the healthiest and most beautiful trees and avoid having to call us for emergency tree removal service, tree trimming is the most impactful step you can take.  We provide expert tree trimming and pruning for small and large trees. Our experts can work on any size tree and have the know how to do the job safely and efficiently. 

We  provide the services of a trained crew, safety equipment, liability insurance and the knowledge and experience that can only come with years on the job. 

Calling Tree Trimming Lynchburg Pros before your property gets out of hand will keep your long term expenses down and ensure that your trees don’t get to a point where they can no longer be resurrected. 

Stump Grinding

Stumps are usually trimmed quite close to the ground, however you may want to have it ground down to below grade. If you have stump grinding needs, Stump Grinding Lynchburg Pros have you covered. If you removed a tree in your yard where there is high traffic or playing children, you will absolute want the stump ground to below grade to avoid a tripping hazard. Our equipment can easily shred the stumps into mulch that can be used to beautify your yard. Some difficult stump locations may require a more manual removal effort, which can be done as well. 

If your tree was removed on a slope or in an area that doesn’t see much foot or vehicle traffic, it may be preferable to leave the stump in tact. On slopes, stumps and their roots systems provide fortification and stability for the surrounding soil to help prevent erosion. Leaving the stump will also make your tree removal work more affordable.